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At first instance it seem to totally crash down the entire concept of SERPs (search engine result pages). To an extent yes it does, but only to SEOs who only stick to rankings only. Esentially SEO is about traffic and conversions. Ranking is one such method by which you can achieve them. But with GEO targeted SERPs and personalized search, the results may be different for person sitting right next to me. Or is?

Here is an important video about what industry expert like Bruce Clay has to say.

Bruce Clay at PubCon 2008


Hello everybody,

We have encountered this seo local, seo for local sites or seo for local market so many times that we felt obliged to create a post dedicated to this subject. Before writing a detailed post in future, he post would give you an over all picture of this important topic.

Issue: What is “local search engine optimization” or “Local SEO”?

In simple words when your SEO campaign is targeting a specific GEO location it means you are performing seo for local market. The search engine optimizatin process is exactly the same but with some things added or modified. Before embarking on such project make sure:

  • Choosing Keywords: You select keywords which are locally targeted. For example, if your project is about “plumbing services” for a specific, country, city, or zip code, try using the name or zip code of that location in the suffix or prefix of the keyword. Which means your keyword “plumbing services” should be “plumbing services boston”, “boston plumbing services” or “plumbing services 83345” etc.
  • Try submiting your listings to Google Local (Maps)
  • Submit your listing to local directories, forums etc
  • Include complete address, state, city and zip in the copy of your webpage. If clearly visible this could result in really good coversions
  • Optimize your titles and meta descriptions for those loca keywords
  • Try submiting to directories having “regional” categories like DMOZ
We havent touched the subject of local PPC (pay-per-click) in this post but would defintely discuss that in future posts. In our next post we would discuss SEO stakes related to getting “.com” versus “” or any other country targeted campaign.
Your feed back is much appreciated,
Thank you


Issue: Should I target “.com” or “” or “” or any other GEO centric domain name?


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