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Over 90% of optimizers are obsessed with Google toolbar Page Rank (PR) and to a certain extent, me as well. Page Rank (PR) is one of the prime factors on which Google SERPs (search engine result pages) are based upon.

To cut the long story short, please don’t base your optimization and link building efforts solely on that GREEN toolbar. Why? because that VISIBLE toolbar is mostly old and Google updates that data not frequently but occasionally.

I would suggest working hard on your website’s design, marketing, usability, navigation, optimization and  link-building efforts aggressively and monitoring your results actively. If your efforts are based on quality, your SERP positions as well as toolbar PR would definitely be pleasing.


  • What is SEO Pakistan? Is it some kind of label or designation? No not at all. It is a term which refers to people/companies providing SEO services in Pakistan, or outsource their services as SEO consultants. The search engine industry has yet to pick up pace here. Pakistan is one of best BPO targets of the world with Pakistan government projecting IT workforce at 133,000 which growing at impressive rate of 20,000 a year.
  • Believe it or not, search engine optimization or SEO has become the defacto principle in converting world wide prospects into customers. Be it local search or universal search, or organic or paid, the first thing a person logs in to its PC is his/her inbox and then search engines.
  • You will find a multitude of web development and designing companies in Pakistan but finding a firm providing good SEO services in Pakistan would be like finding needle in a hay stack. Many individuals choose SEO freelancing. Its haggle free (lowest in my opinion), independent and you get to keep all the benefits (monetary of course).
  • Hoping that one day SEO in Pakistan would be as good as top industries and more and more newcomers would be entering this highly “un-certain” and “challenging field”.

Thank you,

By Adeel Ahmed Khero

As with any past-present or foreseeable search engine optimization campaigns, effective link building is where it all boils down to. If content is known to be the king, then linking would be no less then its throne. If your website is providing compelling content about a product which people would like to link to, but it is not visible or accessible to the users, then you may be lagging behind in adopting a strong link building strategy. As major search engines are pushing for high quality in-bound links as one of the major ranking factor, most webmasters and SEO Services remain jumbled till date about successful link building strategies.

What are the different types of Links?  Deep Links or Internal links

In simple words, deep links or internal links are pages to which the HOME page of a website points to. For example a website may have pages like: PRODUCTS, ABOUT US, CONTACT
US, SITE MAP, FAQ and any other service specific page. Your goal should be to analyze all the deep links of a website and make sure that they are: 

  • Properly accessible by other pages
  • Should not be broken
  • Redirected for any 404 error

Full fill these requirements and you have achieved a crucial aspect of building strong infra-structure of a website, geared up for getting inbound links. Back Links or Inbound LinksBack Links or Inbound Links are links by other websites to your Home page or Deep Links. All major search engines single out quality in-bound links as one of the key factor for ranking a website higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The democratic nature of Google PR (Page Rank) is solely based on the number and quality of these inbound or back links. Higher the number of relevant back links, higher goes the PR, which in turn helps your website rank good on SERPs.

Link Building StrategiesNatural Linking Strategy

When you genuinely like some service, product, article or any other material over the web, it is more likely that you would like to share it with your friends over blogs, forums or online-communities. Your referral of that product on blogs or forums for the sheer purpose of appreciating the service (as you are not an employee of that firm or in any way related to it) makes it a NATURAL LINK for that company. Natural linking is something which search engines prefer, as it does not involve linking methods which may be controversial or are prone to get spoiled.

Reciprocal Linking Strategy

With this kind of linking, website A’s link can be placed on website B, in return for website B’s link to be placed on website A. In other words, it is a kind of an agreement which two parties make for building strong partnerships for promoting a specific product or service. Reciprocal linking does not come easy, as, disagreements may arise regarding: 

  1. Placement of individual links
  2. Removal of links without notification
  3. The time period of retaining individual links

Google does not prefer reciprocal linking and therefore it is slowly fading away. But if properly executed, this strategy can give you some important in-bound links and can give your rankings, a push!.

Deep Linking Strategy

As the term is self explanatory, this type of linking involves other websites getting linked to the inner pages or deep links of your website. A common practice by search engine optimizers is that they put too much emphasis on promoting the HOME page of any website. It is important to get more links to the HOME page in order to increase its PR, but, it is equally imperative to get your website’s deep links promoted and marketed in the same manner. In that way, not only your HOME page would be getting a high PR and ranking, but your inner pages would be getting important clicks and visits as well. That will in turn give your site a strong backbone of High PR individual pages as whole and ranking them higher in SERPs.


One of the foremost step in link building is the submission of you website to search engines and directories like Google, Msn, Lycos, JoeAnt, Yahoo, Dmoz etc. The basic purpose of submissions is to get your website indexed by all the major search engines and directories for appropriate categories they may offer. The only hitch is the time factor regarding reviewing and indexing your site, which varies from site to site.    Paid Inclusions

Paid submissions or inclusions to web directories carry a cost of submission, but, this cost is compensated with quick indexing of the website in their categories. Directories like Yahoo, Skaffe, Looksmart and Inktomi offer paid inclusions services of varying costs. If budget permits, this method should be given serious consideration to gain substantial incoming links.

Article marketing

Web searchers are hungry for information. Feeding them with authentic, factual and detailed piece of information can dramatically increase your website’s popularity in the circles. Article marketing can be one such linchpin of your search engine optimization strategy. You can create keyword targeted, information rich articles for your prospective customers, in order to lure them to your business domain. Be care full in embedding website links of your website, as it is preferable to lead you prospective customers to the deep links of your website and ultimately making them stay and pluck more information from other pages.


If your website hosts lucrative content for both users and search engine, then getting it properly linked can get you higher ranks and profits of incredible magnitude. Link
Building is like the Genie of the Magic Lamp, completely at your disposal. Exploiting it properly will remain the core for any successful Search Engine Optimization campaign in the near future.


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