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SEO Pakistan: A Lebel or Intent?

Posted on: July 11, 2008

  • What is SEO Pakistan? Is it some kind of label or designation? No not at all. It is a term which refers to people/companies providing SEO services in Pakistan, or outsource their services as SEO consultants. The search engine industry has yet to pick up pace here. Pakistan is one of best BPO targets of the world with Pakistan government projecting IT workforce at 133,000 which growing at impressive rate of 20,000 a year.
  • Believe it or not, search engine optimization or SEO has become the defacto principle in converting world wide prospects into customers. Be it local search or universal search, or organic or paid, the first thing a person logs in to its PC is his/her inbox and then search engines.
  • You will find a multitude of web development and designing companies in Pakistan but finding a firm providing good SEO services in Pakistan would be like finding needle in a hay stack. Many individuals choose SEO freelancing. Its haggle free (lowest in my opinion), independent and you get to keep all the benefits (monetary of course).
  • Hoping that one day SEO in Pakistan would be as good as top industries and more and more newcomers would be entering this highly “un-certain” and “challenging field”.

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3 Responses to "SEO Pakistan: A Lebel or Intent?"

Anywebsite who could compete to rank No. 1 deserve this INTENT

ya,i agree.Lets hope fot the best

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